I love cockatiels I love all of them


Bobby’s In Deep!



「幸せなら手をたたこう」を歌うオカメインコ (by Ikoino Mori)

the happiest bird with a styrofoam tray for a hat

I feel so happy just watching it

I had a dream that the future had come and I went into some physical alteration genetics thing and I was like “hell yeah I’m gonna be Cobra” so I told the guy “make me tall ripped hot and blond” and I started to feel my temperature rising and I was like “I meant hot as in sexy not as in body temperature” and he looked so embarrassed

pinche pendejo

Honestly gonna get that as a tattoo someday

Tell Me Why (Radio Edit)


Tell Me Why (Radio Edit) - Supermode

I think I see dumb shit on here but then I still remember that one anon who was like “stop fetishizing your own race”